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Who’s doing the catching?

Chris called me to mentioned that the Globe and Mail ran this article on c-sections yesterday. I would have presumed that they were increasing in numbers, anyways – that’s the trend in the US, and it just makes sense that our physicians would join the bandwagon eventually.

One of the doulas that we interviewed had mentioned that she thought that obstetricians take a more medical/surgical perspective on childbirth than family doctors do … wonder if it’s true?


2 thoughts on “Who’s doing the catching?

  1. I had read the same things and supposebly sometime in the not so distant future you are going to have the ‘option’ to deliver naturally or by c-section. Where is the fun in having a c-section LOL


  2. I have heard that some Doctors are letting people have non medically necessary c-sections. Not sure why someone would want one if they don’t have too myself. But hey…I have never gone through natural child birth,and the 16 hours of labor that led to my first c-section sure weren’t fun. But I would love to experience it naturally if I knew it was possible. Blah blah…sorry to get so long windered. lol
    Have a nice week girly!


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