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Yummy Mommy


Last week, Madeline and I attended a pedicure party with the other moms and babes from our "Baby and You" discussion group.  It was lovely.  Even though Madeline was a bit cranky and sat on my lap for most of it, my feet were still getting pampered and treated better than they had in the last five months.  I must admit to giving my appearance a rather low priority since Madeline joined us.  And I had my hair cut off the previous weekend – big yay! I think that I had my too-long  hair in a ponytail for twenty consecutive weeks – not because I like it that way, but because it was the only way I knew to style long hair in two minutes or less 🙂  Anyway,  I’m feeling more like myself these days …


6 thoughts on “Yummy Mommy

  1. I hear you about forgetting about yourself, and VERY glad to hear you have been pampering yourself. I LOVE your toes, too bad it wasn’t summer to show them off more, but they are too cute!!


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