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1/2 Years Old!


How Madeline spent her 1/2 year birthday:

  • chewed on her hands, her toys, and several items belonging to Chris and me
  • smiled at random strangers during small grocery-shopping trip
  • one nap in her crib (50 min), one nap in her infant seat (60 min), and one nap on her nursing pillow (an indulgent 70 min)
  • more attempts to locomote – now very good at pushing herself around backward on the slippy wood floors at our house
  • actually seemed to enjoy photo session for her mom
  • tried to wrestle lunch from mom
  • had a unusually splashy bath
  • fell asleep without protest at 7 pm

3 thoughts on “1/2 Years Old!

  1. YEAH!! Happy 1/2 birthday Madeline!! You seemed to have a fun day, and baths are really fun when they are splashy :o) I love hearing your progress and your beautiful, growing pictures. You should be in a line of cabbage patch kids!


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