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… like the Romans …


I noticed over the weekend that a charge has appeared on our credit card from Hire for Babe – that’s the company that we rented Madeline’s baby gear from while we were holidaying in Australia.  Renting her a stroller, carseat, and Pack n’ Play-type cot to sleep in was definitely something that I have no regrets about – would have been a hassle to travel with all of that! 

I have to laugh because when we first saw what her infant seat (better known as a "baby capsule" to the locals) looked like, I figured that the company was trying to pass off some safety restraint from the 1970’s on us dumb tourists – it looks so different than Madeline’s SnugRide infant seat!  I felt rather silly when I learned that her Safe n’ Sound baby capsule was made by Britax.   The rear-facing tether should have clued me in …


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