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Lucky Number 7


Ah, Madeline is seven months old today, and the list of milestones and achievements continues to increase! 

  • she can now locomote both forwards and backwards, although she hasn’t yet figured out the cross-crawl.  The forward mobility is the newest skill – she pulls herself forward with her elbows out, much like a WWI soldier in a battlefield
  • Tooth #3 is making it’s way out (a top incisor)
  • she has two meals of solid food a day. She’s tried rice cereal (particularly enjoyable with a bit of mashed banana), barley cereal (on hiatus due to suspected food sensitivity), oat cereal (a fave), sweet potatoes (s0-so), and avocado (a hit so far!)
  • such a little gymnast that we’ve had to retire the DIKTAD changing table and convert it back to a chest of drawers

3 thoughts on “Lucky Number 7

  1. Happy 7 months little Madeline!
    You are getting so big and achieving some wonderful milestones, congratulations. It is so neat to see the world through a child’s eyes.


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