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Madeline’s 3/4s There!

Bunny_4small I must have lost track of time over the Easter weekend because I didn’t realize that M turns nine months old today until a few hours ago!  Bad Mom! She was spoiled by her parents, both sets of grandparents, and Auntie Julie … What will happen next Easter, when she should have enough teeth to eat chocolate???

Since the last big update, Madeline has become quite adept at standing.  She hasn’t really started cruising around furniture yet, but there is a lot of house for her to explore on her hands and knees still. But she loves pulling up and standing! 

My girl is also doing much better in the sleep department, going about 6 – 7 hours straight fifty-percent of the time.  The afternoon nap has become shakey; still haven’t figured out what’s up with that …

She’s eating significantly more solids now – a good breakfast of oat cereal with applesauce or pears, another meal of plain yogurt and a fruit or veggie, and a third meal of rice and a veggie or finger foods.  She loves chunks of banana and Cheerios. Man, she’s addicted to Cheerios now …

With Grandma’s encouragement, Madeline started waving back to us this weekend – it’s the cutest thing!


3 thoughts on “Madeline’s 3/4s There!

  1. What a cutie!
    Wow, Madeline is less than a week younger than my Benjamin but she is further ahead developmentally. The only similarity is their mutual love of Cheerios. Only Benjamin sometimes misses his mouth, then they stick to his clothes for awhile and before you know it I’m finding Cheerios all over the house!


  2. She is too adorable! Thanks for the updates, it is so much fun hearing all the milestones accomplished by little Madeline. Yes next year a bit of the chocolate, we did plastic eggs with prizes inside and a couple were chocolates or treats. She sounds like she is going to be a great eater! Nikyla is so uninterested in eating, but Cheerios always a favorite šŸ™‚
    The waving sounds so cute


  3. Well, Madeline seems to be all about gross motor skills right now. There are other developmental skills that she’ll need to carry her through toddlerhood that she isn’t really focused on, like some cognitive abilities, making the switch to solid food (it’s still hit-or-miss often, but much better than before), and becoming a chatterbox. I might add being a good sleeper, too šŸ™‚ I don’t know how many babies B is exposed to, Helen, but I’ve found with Madeline, in some regards she holds her own with the ones that are older, but there’s always a young upstart who catches onto something before she does šŸ™‚


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