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One-derful Year

Dear Madeline
Wow! How on earth did you ever get to be one year old? One year ago, you cried a little bit, had a small snack, and then fell asleep. To think that I wanted an instruction manual for you back then – I think I need one more now 🙂 I hope that I’ve grown as much over this past year as you have, albeit in different ways. Your dad and I thought that you were pretty cute right from the start, but now we think we’re pretty lucky because our little girl is funny, energetic, strong, curious, and determined. Can’t resist that big smile of yours ever. You are quicker and smarter that we thought little people ever were – nothing gets past you these days. I am still amazed at how fast your little brain operates – you climbed the stairs three weeks ago like you’d been doing it all your life! I’m so glad that some things haven’t changed so much, like the sweet peaceful expression on your face when you’re sleeping.  I’m not sure how much you’ve learned from your parents, but I’ve certainly learned a lot from you.  I’m really happy to have you. Happy Birthday, Shmoo!

3 thoughts on “One-derful Year

  1. Happy 1st birthday Madeline!!
    Laura I am so teary-eyed at your note, it is so true. You write so well. I hope you are keeping a scrapbook of all your notes along the way.
    BTW, it does only get more and more fun watching and being amazed by the wee ones. I swear you do need a manual even more as they grow!


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