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there’s a shivering sheep somewhere


I fell out of the habit, after Madeline was actually born, of posting all of the lovely handmade gifts she receives.  The other day she wanted to wear this ensemble that her nana knitted for her, and I remembered to take a photograph.  A hat, sweater, and mittens. Lucky girl.


5 thoughts on “there’s a shivering sheep somewhere

  1. Ok Madeline is waaaaaay too cute! Her outfit is absolutly gorgeous. Do you knit? My mom knits, I use to, go out of the hang of it… I can make a scarf and washclothes though lol


  2. No, I can’t knit – my excuse is that it was impossible to have anyone teach left-handed me! But I’m going to learn. I have nothing better to do here in Newfoundland 🙂


  3. The picture on here is so good that I had to re-read the post three times to believe it was not a photo from a magazine or advert.


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