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Catching Up


We recently took Madeline on her second outside-of-Canada holiday, during which she celebrated her second Easter. She wore her first official Easter dress, though (and yes, those are Babylegs peeking out from under the dress). 

While we were away, I realized just how impressed I’ve become with our little communicator. Up to this point, Madeline has been on the low end of normal in terms of language acquisition.  She’s managed to just squeak by Calgary Health’s language milestone handout, uttering  just enough new words not to warrant us taking her for an evaluation by a speech/language pathologist. But in the last few weeks, she’s been chatting up a storm. Seeing her point to her scraped knee and say "boo-boo!" is pretty darn cute!   I haven’t checked to see where she falls on the speech guidelines charts, but I’m feeling really good about her progress for the first time in a long while.


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