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Madeline turned 22 months old over the weekend and happily modeled the kitty hat that her grandmother knitted for her. The kitty-ear hat is something of a tradition in my family. Both my sister and I had one as well. I am not sure if my original kitty hat was handed-down to my sister. I remember her wearing a pale pink one, but I seem to recall a pastel multicolour kitty hat – so perhaps that one was mine …

I’ve already mentioned that Madeline has really been increasing her vocabulary, but in the last month she’s also become really good about bedtime. Lately, we’ll be plodding through her bedtime routine, and she’ll suddenly point to her crib. I’ll lay her down, she’ll say "night-night", tap her aquarium on, and roll over. That’s it. She almost puts herself to bed, really …


3 thoughts on “Meow!

  1. I loved this phase. Even now, she puts herself to sleep. She’s like, “Mommy, I’m tired” By the time I get up, she’s already in bed.
    My 5 mo. old is a piece of cake, too. She goes right to sleep when we put her in her crib. 🙂
    Such a wonderful phase.
    Oh, and I LOVE hats like that!!


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