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road trip


This past weekend, Madeline and I toured around Newfoundland, obstensively to see an iceberg (which had floated away by the time we got there, alas). I always feel a little bad for Madeline when we go on road trips – it’s got to be tough to be stuck in a carseat for hours at a time when it’s clearly more fun to be playing and running around. This time she was quite a little trouper about all of the travel – she drew with her crayons (she’s usually good about not trying to eat the Crayola Twistables), watched a bit of Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo, napped, and drank a lot of milk from her purple cup (the yellow cup just wouldn’t do!).  She was also happy when we’d make a pitstop and she could get out of her carseat and run around

The other tough part of travel involves bedtime. The word "hotel" strikes fear into my heart – it’s hard to convince Madeline that it’s bedtime when I expect her to sleep when I’m still hanging out in the same room. I can’t blame her – at home, I say goodnight and disappear out the door, so it must be kind of confusing to have me still hanging around. The first night, she popped back up in her Pack n Play twice, calling for me, even though I was curled up in my bed, pretending to sleep. The second night went smoother.  I think that we both were more exhausted than the day before!

Speaking of hotel rooms,  why don’t they all come with a little refridgerator? It would have made having chilled milk for Madeline a bit easier …

The fun discovery from our little holiday was how happy Madeline is to sit in a highchair at a restaurant if her beverage comes with a little umbrella 🙂



3 thoughts on “road trip

  1. Glad to hear you had such a great time! Love the pics, Madeline is getting so big… time flies, especially when you are having fun! Have you guys found anyother mom and tots to hang out with there?


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