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pressing the pause button


Madeline, you’re 23 months old as of today, and frankly, I don’t mind if you stay on the precipice of being 2 for awhile longer.

Five things I love about you right now:

  1. The way you will sign "please" with a sheepish grin after I gently remind you that it’s not "milk?" but "milk, please?"
  2. How you are eating such good breakfasts, lunches, and dinners compared to a mere month ago!  And I’m really proud of you for dropping all but one of your daytime nursing sessions. That could not have been easy for a little milkaholic like you.
  3. Watching you play at the playground! I can’t believe that you’re climbing up slides that are taller than I am, all by yourself!  I’m glad that I still get to give you a push on the swings. I’ll be redundant once you can swing all by youself …
  4. Your delight on *almost* being able to do up a zipper on your own! All I do is line up parts on the side with the pull and hold them while you insert the pin on the other side and then you pull it up!
  5. Hearing the little "night-night" from you before I close your bedroom door behind me at bedtime.

After lunch today,  you usurped the container of yogurt that I’d just opened for myself. I guess I shouldn’t complain – I bought the *gourmet* 4.3% milk fat banana cream variety with you in mind, anyway.  Right afterward, you put your hand on the side of your face and tipped it down, and said "nap?" (yes, it should have been "nap, please?" but who am I to nitpick over a good sleep habit?), and that’s where you are now, bundled up in your purple fleece sleepsack, hugging Mr. Bear.

A year ago, I wrote your eleven-month update, and I think it’s kind of ironic that I also commented on your eating habits back then. You and Cheerios are still good friends. And a year before that, I was lamenting that my foggy pregnancy brain hadn’t gotten it’s act together soon enough to make arrangements to donate your cord blood.

We’ll go to the toddler playground when you’re up, okay?


3 thoughts on “pressing the pause button

  1. What a wonderful and sentimental look at Madeline’s life so far. You’ve managed to make me all verklempt; something that doesn’t happen often. Now I want to go home and hug Benjamin (and teach him how to zip his own jacket), but I’m stuck at work and it’s not even noon yet.


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