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mini me

Eggbeater Today is Friday, and that means that Madeline and will be having our traditional Friday lunch of scrambled eggs topped with shredded cheese. I’ve been making scrambled eggs on Fridays for many months now, and last week Madeline got in on the act. Doesn’t it look like my assistant takes her job seriously? She didn’t spill any eggs onto the countertop, I’m proud to report …

Lately it seems that Madeline’s favourite thing to do is be my little helper. She’s not as fond of helping with the laundry as she used to be, but give her a broom, and she’s happy. Even happier if she can help unload the dishwasher. The ultimate is helping me cook! I can’t even peel an apple without hearing a little "Me help!" and seeing a tiny figure dragging her step-stool towards the kitchen counter.  I’ve had to repeat "the stove is only for mommy and daddy" many times, but we haven’t had a mishap yet.

Most of the time I’m thrilled that Madeline wants to help – it’s the first step to being a contributing member of the household, of course. It’s usually cute. It is hard, however, to remain calm and patient when my little helper wants to help by taking her wee little broom to the pile of dust and debris I’ve collected, sending it flying towards the perimeter of the room again. Or when my little helper helps me wash the lunch dishes, but creates an urgent need to mop the floor. I don’t insist on keeping a spotless house, but I find it really frustrating when something that I’ve just cleaned/tidied up gets dirty/messed again right away … One of these days she’ll understand. I guess this is just another one of things that I have to be patient about.

Final Friday in September Links:

  • Chris discovered the Kids in the Kitchen section on the Food Network (Canada) website. There are recipes for quick and healthy lunches and snacks, as well as an entire section devoted to Jamie Oliver. I wouldn’t make all of the recipes to share with Madeline just yet, but I love having a place to look for more ideas when she tired of our usual culinary routine
  • This recent post at Ask Moxie is about smoothies (with spinach in them – I kid you not!), and it includes several recipes. We still have to try them, but I’m waiting until I’m less squeamish about buying packaged spinach.
  • The Cost of Safety at This Sister’s Journey. Reading this post just made me feel like giving Madeline a hug …

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