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inspiration must have struck …

Madeline_art Madeline’s been in her pre-preschool program for a month now, and each class seems to start off with an art project. Madeline normally is excited to sit at the table with her classmates, a piece of paper and tub of crayons and markers in front of her, but she’s over that in about two minutes. A few splashes of colour may be made on her paper, and then she’s off to play with the lacing beads, flip through books, or play with the alphabet magnets. There just seems to be so many things to do in the classrooms and all of them are more exciting than sitting down with crayons and glue. Until yesterday.

Madeline came home from from school with a veritable bounty of artsy stuff. Yesterday’s theme was "shapes" and she painted on various shapes cut out of construction paper, and glued shapes onto a diamond to make a kite. She also enjoyed making dots on a piece of paper with crayons, and gluing foam cut-outs and yarn on another piece of construction paper. I’m amazed, and really excited to put everything up on the fridge!

Fabulous Friday Links:

  • Check out this FYI – for parents who use teenage babysitters post at Vindauga. I’ve been told that we pay Madeline’s sitter nearly the twice the going rate in these parts, but I think it’s a crime to pay someone only $5 for watching two or more children. Sorry about that, parents of St. John’s …
  • I saw the plug for Kipiis Bib Clips on Cool Mom Picks yesterday and one of those is currently filling the "OMG! Madeline must have this!" space in my head where Babylegs formerly resided.
  • I’m sure that everyone already reads Amalah, but I want to mention that I am particular enjoying her series of Gymboree posts.  I, too, detest that damn clown.

4 thoughts on “inspiration must have struck …

  1. Fabulous job Madeline!
    Ok you have to stop posting these cute little things you find. I did get Jersey a pair of baby legs. I will resist this, I will… unless I happen to see it in a store. I love having unique things for the kids.


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