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my report card

Drum This lovely creation is the my craft project from Little Learners last Thursday. Madeline was more interested in reading books in the book nook than cutting her mom some slack and doing the project for most of craft-time, but it went well enough. My plan to make the little drums was to cover the sides of a coffee can or large yogurt container with construction paper (with parental help), decorate the sides with crayons, stickers, and the like, and then top it off with waxed paper held on with an elastic band. Turns out that it’s harder to cover the sides of a yogurt container because they slope, and glue isn’t the best adhesive for doing it (I think that double-sided tape would have been ideal). But the toddlers (and even Madeline) enjoyed decorating their drums, and happily beat away on them for songs afterward. Madeline kept hers in the truck for the day so that she could perform for her dad and I when we picked Chris up from work.

Storytime also went okay, though I still wish that I’d been able to find the hardcover version of Hand Hand Fingers Thumb (HHFT). I hope that I made the story more interesting by asking Madeline and her classmates to show me their fingers and thumbs, and drum enthusiastically on their knees for the "dum ditty dum ditty dum dum dum" parts. Madeline started storytime off by getting all possesive of HHFT when I pulled out the book to read (fair, I suppose, considering that it was her book, and she used to cuddle it in her crib), so there was a bit of a delay in getting started.

I’m still hoping for a B-minus 🙂


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