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Bathstickersmall I haven’t had a lot to say here lately, so tonight I’ll give you all a glimpse of how Madeline is already practicing effective time management by using bathtime to work on her alphabet identification.

The foam bath stickers that Madeline received for Christmas are very popular around these parts 🙂  Her Auntie Marian seems to find the neatest gifts.


3 thoughts on “multitasker

  1. The bath letters are very popular at our house too. Ada likes to put them in the basket, take them out of the basket, put them…. Plus ours (which look a bit thinner than the one Madeline is holding) can be tossed up to stick to the tile walls of the tub.


  2. Very cool! Madeline’s (they’re the Alex brand and kind of elusive in Canada) will stick to tile if placed there, but tossing merely results in the letters ricocheting off of the tile and falling on her head 🙂


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