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random neat things

I didn’t have my act together on Friday to put together a post of cool stuff I’ve found on the internet at large lately, but I’m going to make for it today.

First, one of the writers over at Blogging Baby has started doing kid-friendly CD reviews. The second review, Here Come the ABCs by TMBG, was posted today. The first review was of a disc called Mommy Says No by the Asylum Street Spankers. Never heard of them, but they sound kind of funky.

Mabellabel There have been many more little kids at YMCA/YWCA lately, which means that it’s become more difficult to ascertain which empty snack container and drinking box is Madeline’s when I go to pick her up after my 10 am date with the treadmill. It’s often like going on a treasure hunt, One of the other parents there recommended that I try out Mabel’s Labels, and Madeline’s arrived in the mail today. Love them. Even if these sticky labels weren’t dishwasher-friendly, I’d still love them for the cute little graphics. I asked Madeline if she preferred the little fish, the little butterfly, or the little bird, and even she had trouble deciding (obviously, the fishy won out).  I wouldn’t say that they’re expensive, but they weren’t cheap. I think I’ll reserve my final judgement of their "value for the money" factor once I see just how long they last.

I am almost as excited about Mother Proof as I am about those labels showing up in the mail. It was featured on Cool Mom Picks the other day, and it’s a website that reviews vehicles to determine their worthiness for the monniker "family car". The current car-of-my-dreams is in there ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “random neat things

  1. I bought the Mabel’s Labels several months ago in anticipation of Benjamin’s stint in daycare. I don’t have a dishwasher so I can’t comment on that aspect, but the iron-on clothes labels work well. I also have some footwear labels that are still working well, although I haven’t washed said footwear yet so no word on how well it does in the wash.


  2. We bought our nephew the DVD for the TMBG’s ABCs and he loves it – the songs are so catchy – only issue of course being the zee instead of zed.


  3. Cool about the labels, Helen! I usually handwash all of M’s plastic, but I take dishwasher friendliness to equal “can be washed lots and lots” which sounds pretty good!
    I might have to check out the DVD. I am not really anal about “zed” over “zee” but I do try to remember!


  4. Hi Laura– Mabel’s Labels rock. We have them because I got tired of having to refresh the sharpie-on-masking-tape labels on the lunch containers Sam takes to daycare, and after 3 or so months we’re still using the original labels. I have no idea how long it’s going to take us to go through the package. We use a combo of dishwasher and handwashing and they’re still going strong.
    Also– hi! I don’t think I’ve commented on here before but I do read regularly and am happy to keep up with Madeline since I gave up ADL (-:
    – dre


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