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dr. madeline, I presume

Doctorbag After Christmas, Chris and I felt a little bad that we left all of Madeline’s presents behind when flew back to Newfoundland*. To make us feel better, we took her to the toy store and picked her up one of these veterinarian kits.

Madeline loves it. I think she spent two days straight asking us to help her give all of her stuffed animals check-ups. I think that she was developing an addiction problem when she took to flopping on the sofa, letting out a round of fake coughs, then feebly telling us that she was sick and needed a check-up.

Anyway, the vet kit came with a lot of accessories, but not a container to hold all of them (imagine a cranky mama picking up teeny medical devices over and over and over again). Chris and I quite promptly commissioned my sister, Julie, to make Madeline a small medical bag, and she came up with this super tote (that has fab pockets inside, too). I was really glad that she was interested as usually she focuses on making bags and iPod cases for MAJESTYinc. I have the bag all packed up for Madeline to play with after her nap today, and I am pretty sure that she’ll be really excited. Anyone willing to bet on how many minutes pass before all of her stuffed animals will have come down with something?

* we didn’t do this because we’re mean parents, or anti-plastic toy, or or anti-consumerist. We figured that we were moving back home three weeks later, that’s all. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “dr. madeline, I presume

  1. That kit looks fun and the bag your sister made is great. I checked out her etsy store from your link and her stuff is so super cute. Lucky you (and Madeline) to have such a talented sister (and aunt)!


  2. What a super cute bag. Your sister does great work. How cute that all of Madeline’s stuffed animals have been sick and had to have their check ups. 🙂


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