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Madeline and the Three Beds


After eating a solid lunch of  just-the-right-temperature porridge, Goldilocks – err, Madeline found herself feeling a bit sleepy. She carefully walked up the stairs, and considered her napping options. In one room, there was a queen-sized bed with a cozy comforter. She climbed into it, and laid down, but immediately knew that she was not comfortable. And Madeline knew why – this bed was not for napping! It was for jumping! This was the bed that she jumped on when she wanted to wake up her sleeping dad!

Madeline proceeded to the next bedroom. Again, a queen sized bed, this time topped with a coverlet. Madeline jumped up, hopped under the covers, and closed her eyes. But she knew that she couldn’t nap there – this was the bed that she only pretended to sleep in when she was in a mood to fool her mom and dad!

Sliding off of the second bed, Madeline considered the crib in the corner. It was just the right size. It had the just-soft-enough pink sheet and a familiar pillow. There was an Ocean Wonders crib aquarium hanging against the back rail, in just the right place for a small hand to reach up and turn it on. Finally, it looked like Madeline had found the perfect place to take her afternoon nap. But no – the crib just wouldn’t do, for reasons that Madeline’s mom just could not fathom.

Where has Madeline taken her afternoon nap three times in the last seven days? On the floor, of course …


4 thoughts on “Madeline and the Three Beds

  1. Cute story!
    Should I be reading between the lines of “just-the-right-temperature porridge”? I suddenly pictured you putting the porridge from the microwave to the fridge and back again, trying to get it just the right temperature!


  2. Sarah, either that or she’s experimenting with letting go of her afternoon nap. Ugh in either case, though I do like shopping for furniture 🙂
    Helen, I’ve become laid-back. The oatmeal just sits on the counter to cool off!
    Toddlers are goofs, aren’t they, Terri? 🙂


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