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spin and fly

I read something on the web the other day that I meant to bookmark so that I could blog about it, but I seem to have forgot to bookmark the article, and thus, I have no idea what to say here tonight! So … maybe I’ll post a photo of Madeline in her new tutu in an attempt to make the lack of insightful and witty writing less obvious. Is it working?

Julie and I made this tutu a couple of weekends ago, actually. I’d seen a similar one with a $28 price tag at one of those baby boutiques. I spent about $7 on this one, for three yards of tulle (I already had the elastic for the waistband in my sewing kit). I borrowed the super-easy technique from this post on the Baby Bargains board. I didn’t even have to set up my sewing machine!

I don’t want to think about how many Fridays have gone by without posting some nifty links. I have some today, though, from The Silent "I" – truly, a blog after my own heart. It’s all about traveling with young children. I haven’t gone back through all of the archives, but I do have to recommend the posts about navigating through airports with babies and toddlers, and then the inflight experience with babies and toddlers. The next flight I will be taking with Madeline is a doozy: Calgary to Bangkok. Something like 26 hours … the only thing I am exciting about is trying out her Gogokidz Travelmate wheels …


One thought on “spin and fly

  1. Thanks so much for the links and for stopping by my blog!
    The tutu is lovely. I’m not sure I know a little girl who wouldn’t want one of those đŸ™‚
    Glennia, aka “The Silent I”


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