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fun was had by all

I was kind of (unfairly) grumpy this morning, Madeline’s third birthday, when she decided to start ripping open her gifts that I’d wrapped for her while I was outside, getting her grandmother’s garbage to the curb on time. But the day did get better, and I think that Madeline had a special day, even with her dad half a world away.

She enjoyed the movie, complete with strawberry fruitopia to drink and a bag of gummy bears. Loved that she could wear her pink-and-purple nylon-and-tulle princess dress (gift from her Auntie Marian) all day. I decided that since it was her birthday, she was entitled 🙂 Everyone kept telling her how beautiful she looked in it, and I hope that she understands that she’s beautiful everyday, and that what she wears doesn’t change that.

Bday2_2 Bday3 

Auntie Julie decorated the vanilla cake that I baked from scratch last weekend, and I think it was very cute! Madeline appeared to understand the "blowing out candles" concept, and ate all of the ice cream in her dish, leaving most of the cake. I should have predicted that!

Before bedtime, I shared the birthday message from Chris that he emailed for her, and then we read our usual stories and had our bedtime usual chat. A normal ending to the day, except when Madeline told me that she was going to dream about birthday cake 🙂


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