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must be one-eighth mermaid

PoolshmooI don’t have to ask Madeline what she likes the best about her new home – I’m pretty certain that she’s say the (gasp! in-ground and unfenced) swimming pool.

Madeline hadn’t logged many hours in water, aside from baths, prior to moving here. We had access to a beautiful indoor pool while we were hanging out with her nana in Sherwood Park before flying to BKK, and it took a lot of convincing to get M into that pool. And it was full of enticing pool toys, too! Here, all anxiety is gone.

I think that when I think that Madeline is playing quietly in her bedroom, she’s really plotting her next aquatic escapade, and she seems to prefer ones that cause my heart to skip a beat. I just recently got used to her preference to practice jumping in the pool in the deep end (thank goodness she wants me to hold her hand!). And seeing her big grin when she stands on the second lowest step into the deep end, her chin barely above the water line. Yesterday she wanted to show off another trick – attempting to doggie paddle on her own, all the while urging me to increase the distance between us. Arm-length was a far as I was comfortable with! Crazy kid!


6 thoughts on “must be one-eighth mermaid

  1. NO! That’s not part of the deal! Bugaboo will never leave me (gasp). And the deep end no doubt! It won’t be long beofre she scooters away to school…


  2. Good for Madeline being so brave and enjoying the pool so much. I’ve had Hayley in swimming lessons and I wish she were braver than she is.


  3. Go Madeline! Ezra is, I think, part merman – he adores the water and, like Madeline, wants me to just let him do his thing in the pool.


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