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a girl and her girly dog

PuppyHaven’t had much to post lately, so here’s a photo of Madeline’s cross-dressing stuffed doggy. At least, the doggy looks kind of boy-ish to me. Madeline obviously thought that a Cinderella dress was the best fashion choice for her Build-a-Bear* creation. Her gift, her choice. C’est la vie.

My girl has been home these past few mornings, instead of going to preschool. She has a bug of some variety. Something viral. The pediatrician at the hospital didn’t think that she had malaria or dengue fever or anything like that. Just the kind of illness that makes the rounds at schools and childcare centres. I naively thought that she’s miss maybe one day of school, and then bounce back the next day. We’re on Day Three here, and my fingers are crossed for no fever, no puke, and no other lingering symptoms. I’m sad that she’s missing out on seeing her friends!

* I was really surprised to find a Build-a-Bear at the Central Chidlom shopping centre here in Bangkok! Turns out there are no less than three locations, with two more opening in the next two months … Who woulda thunk?


4 thoughts on “a girl and her girly dog

  1. I enjoy Madeline’s creativity… but alas, not everyone can be a princess every day! Sorry to hear she is sick too. Hope she feels better soon, tell her Auntie Julie said that!
    I am excited to go shop in Thailand! I may even book my ticket today.


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