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“it floats on water” quoth madeline

Dsc01137xEveryone’s preschooler came home from class today with a krathong, right? For Loy Krathong?

Oh. Maybe just in Thailand 🙂

I am not entirely sure how much of this krathong was made with my child’s own two hands (I’m guessing that she stuck in the incense sticks and some orchid blossoms and called it done), but it’s one of the neatest things that she’s brought home from preschool.

Madeline’s school had a small Loy Krathong celebration this morning. Several of the Thai parents helped with activities, and quite a few of the little children were dropped off in Thai costume. As usual, I wished that I could be a fly on the wall of her classroom – I’m so curious about what they learned and did today!

Tomorrow we’ll take Madeline’s krathong down to the Chao Phraya river and let it set sail …


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