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second guesser

Cameron Behold the imitation replica PBK Cameron shelving unit
that we had made from Mother Goose. I think it's really
cute and am indescribably pleased that Sadie's books and toys are no
longer permanently living on the floor of her bedroom. I wish that
there was space in her room for an entire wall full of Cameron shelving units. 


I am not sure that I
made a good choice with the finish. I was aiming for something that
matched the finish on her DIKTAD changing table/chest of drawers, a colour
that IKEA describes as “Antique”. The colours are pretty similar.


Well, the colour looks appropriately
rustic on the changing table/chest of drawers, but on this shelving
unit, it kind of looks like the old mahogany cabinets that my parents
tore out of their kitchen about ten years ago. Argh.

Chris hasn't yet seen Sadie's new
furniture, but I am anticipating that he won't be won over. He's gone
sour on Madeline's bedroom furniture, not liking the finish that I
chose for it. I think that this piece will be the same story. I had
to admit that I am trying to envision it painted red or white or navy
instead …


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