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ninety nine …

… is the number of days that kindergarten has been in session. Madeline's class is having a 100th Day of Kindergarten celebration on Monday morning, she seems to be looking forward to it as much as she was looking forward to Christmas holidays. I am not sure what other classes and schools do to mark this occasion (if they do anything – I certainly didn't when I was in K), but my girl has to bring in a collection of one hundred things. Madeline initially assembled a hodge-podge of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, My Little Ponies, and wardrobe pieces from her Snap n Style dolls, but this evening, she asked if she could change her collection. She counted out ten sets of ten beads, and after Sadie was tucked into bed, Madeline and I sat on the floor and threaded the beads onto pipe cleaners. It was only about ten minutes of work, but I really enjoyed spending the down-time helping Madeline with her project. 


One thought on “ninety nine …

  1. popped over here today for the first time in a while (usually i stay over in google reader) and wanted to say i love the new look of the blog! also – that calendar in the banner – i’m curious…looks computer generated but also magnetic? maybe i made that up…


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