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nothing says happy mother’s day like a little raw fish

612Mj0FkueL._SL500_AA300_  So, I'm two days into my six-week run of solo-parenting; Chris packed his bags and left to start his new job in Vietnam on Wednesday. So far, so good, with the exception being an unexpected clean-up of puke in Sadie's room shortly after tucking her in last night. Amazingly, she miss her crib sheet completely, so I just needed to change her pajamas and sleepsack, wipe her face, and quickly wipe the floor. It was an isolated event, and the rest of the night passed without incident. I slept so well that I have no recollection of how two little girls ended up tucked in with me, but there were two extra bodies in the bed when I woke up around a quarter to six. 

It's also Mother's Day weekend – at least in countries other than Thailand, where Mother's Day is celebrated on the Queen's birthday. I remembered to send my mom a little something, and I'm planning to celebrate a day early myself. I made a massage appointment for Saturday, which means two whole hours of quiet for me. 

Mothers are the theme for this week's installment of Feed Me Books Friday, and I'm going to write about My Mom Loves Me More than Sushi, penned by Filomena Gomes. Our copy is autographed – if I recall correctly, the author lives in Calgary. The mom in this book is also solo (at least, there is no partner anywhere in the book), and this story is about how food brings her and her daughter closer together. The daughter is the narrator, and as she remembers making jamabalya or Portugese chicken soup or any of the other international gourmet dishes, she remembers a comforting memory, an adventurous time, or feeling important as the sous-chef. It's a sweet story, really, and I never fail to feel a little hungry after reading it with Madeline. 

Now, I'm off to see what books others are blogging about for Feed Me Books Friday @ The Adventure of Motherhood.


2 thoughts on “nothing says happy mother’s day like a little raw fish

  1. Wow you are proving your motherly greatness on Mother’s Day going it alone. I love those sleeps when you are so dead you don’t remember a thing that happened.
    This book is sooo cool. I love books that are out of the ordinary. Thank you for participating with all you have going on and enjoy your massage!


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