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six years and six things

IMG_3803 1. The (somewhat accidental) tradtion of spending Madeline's birthdays at the movie theatre continued. It was a little tricky, but Chris managed to find out that Toy Story 3 was playing in Saigon. I suspect that it will be a sad June 29 when Pixar stops releasing their new films in early summer. 

2. Madeline really and truly has a loose tooth. I am excited for her, but also secretly hope that the novelty of showing me exactly how loose it is wears off asap. 

3. There are very pretty birthday cakes here in Saigon, and it's a good thing that Madeline really likes whipping cream.

4. Every now and then, Madeline gives us a preview of her future insolent pre-teen self, which I tell myself is just related to her being out-of-sorts about our move. I am rather glad that I have a few years to prepare and strategize before living with that version of my Madeline on a full-time basis. 

5. I can't tell anymore if she's a little kid or a big kid. Her favourite birthday gifts are a stuffed pony (which I sort of think of as "little kid") and a scooter (big kid item, of course). 

6. Madeline's prized possessions du jour: her yearbook from her last school, a purple glitter pen, and a set of Mr. Sketch scented markers that her kindergarten teacher bequeathed to her.


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