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The Moon, Pop Culture, and a Slow Boat

IMG_0229 Today, Madeline's school celebrated the Moon Festival with a few special events. Firstly, students were invited to leave their usual uniforms at home in favour of dressing Vietnamese, so my kiddo went to school in her tangerine orange ao dai and she looked pretty sweet in it. There was a dragon dance outside on the lawn early in the morning. I didn't stay to see that as my poor tolerance for the heat and things outdoors here in SE Asia has already been established in the blogging world.

I did pop into the school to watch their Moon Festival Celebration assembly in the gym, though. It started out with two emcees explaining Vietnamese folklore about how a wood carver caught a flying Banyan tree to the moon, but was interspersed with dance numbers by students dressed as aliens, which I really didn't understand the point of. When the emcees introduced the next event, a Planets of the Solar System Fashion Show and the throbbing notes of Lady Gaga's Pokerface (are fashions shows an integral part of Vietnamese culture? Is Lady Gaga?) started to play, I began to wish that I'd come to watch the dragon dance portion of the Moon Festival Celebration instead …

And speaking of the moon, it was many moons ago, on August 6, that our shipment of household effects from Edmonton was packed up, and wee hadn't heard even a whisper about the shipment since. We were getting a bit anxious since the shipement contains Sadie's birthday gifts (the big day is about three weeks away), a mattress for her twin bed (so she can stop using ours, thank you very much)  and the much-anticipated gas barbeque so that we can eat yummy burgers regularly for the first time in nearly three and a half years.

Chris contacted our shipment coordinator yesterday, and learned that it's due in port in Singapore on October 1, which is pretty close. It was also revealed that the shipment didn't leave Vancouver (in other words, hit the water) until September 6, a full month after the pack-out. That little bit was sort of unexpected, but considering that the packers arrived without any packing tape for the boxes in the first place, perhaps we just have to expect the unexpected with this one.


4 thoughts on “The Moon, Pop Culture, and a Slow Boat

  1. All the inconveniences and crazy heat aside it must be really cool to soak up all that SE Asia culture (Lady Gaga and aliens included ;)) … but all the same I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that shipment.


  2. A moon festival sounds like fun! I’m not sure about the Lady Gaga connection…that would make things interesting!
    Thanks for stopping by Lemon Drop Pie today. I enjoyed reading some of your other posts, too. I hope your shipment arrives soon!


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