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no ordinary sunday

Nemo So, are you wondering just what the heck I took a picture of there?

I'm sort of wondering what the heck I was doing, adulterating a perfectly good batch of sugar cookie dough with a combination of Wilton gel dye in red and a couple of  bizarre miniature unlabeled bottles of Vietnamese food dye in yellow. I was hoping to achieve a perfect shade of Clownfish Orange to make a certain toddler's birthday treats a little more special.

I'm a bit laid up with a sinus infection, so I stayed back with Chris and the kids went out to run a few errands later this morning, and I spent that time doing prep work for my very-neglected photobook projects. I'm working on photos from April 2010 at the moment, having skipped Sept-Dec 2009 outright. I love making these books, but the amount of adjustments that MyPublisher requires (adjusting the image size and resolution) just sucks too much time for me. I'm tempted to migrate my business to Blurb or Shutterfly (ugh, the backgrounds!) or another photobook publisher that can deal with high-res images.

Next, we had our neighbour and her family over for turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving (except for the getting Monday off – that's only if we were all still living in Canada). After we'd all cleaned up the kitchen after diner and dessert, my neighbour asked me if Madeline had her Mountie suit ready for International Week at her school. Mountie suit? "No way," I replied, "I'm just going to slap a patriotic t-shirt from Roots on her!" … and then I was let in on the tradtional at the school for the Canadian kids to dress in formal RCMP attire for the parade.  Oh my. Will the crazy stuff ever stop?




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