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twice as nice

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We didn't make a huge fuss over Sadie's birthday on Friday, but I hope that she still had a great day. Her new scooter was waiting for her downstairs when she woke up, and she was terrifically eager to hop on and tool around on it for most of the day. Chris managed to duck out of the office a little earlier than usual so we had a nice dinner together, followed by Sadie's cupcakes, and then we let her tear into her gifts. Which she actually did this year; I think that Madeline might have been a little disappointed that she didn't get to help unwrap as much as she has for Christmases past and Sadie's first birthday. 

The cupcakes were yummy; I can make cream cheese frosting (which we all like) in my sleep now, and I used a recipe for banana cake for the actual cupcakes. I have no natural talent with a piping bag, so I really should have practiced the eyes and mouths on my clownfish before I started piping the melted chocolate directly onto the orange sugar DSC03669 cookies, they were a lot more Nemo-ish in the example I was inspired by. I had the scale all wrong, sadly. I was really hoping that Sadie would see her cupcakes and happily shout, "Mum-O!!!" which is her current wordfor Nemo (the only licensed character she admits to recognizing), but I only got a "Fish!" from her. 

We took her out for a slightly-belated birthday lunch on Saturday, too, and I think that she had fun at the Snap Cafe here in HCMC. They have a fairly shaded playground with a lots of opportunities for swinging, and their blueberry pancakes are quite good. 

The one thing that I'd hoped to do for her birthday but wasn't able to was buy a bunch of balloons. Every Friday, there is a man standing opposite Madeline's school selling balloons (Hello Kitty and Transformers figure heavily) and live goldfish from the back of his motorbike; I figured that I'd go over and buy half a dozen helium-filled balloons and totally surprise the kids. Except that the balloon-and-goldfish man wasn't there after school! The students are on vacation this week, so maybe the balloon man was taking one as well???


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