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faux-deedoh: what happens when i try to be creative

Be assured that I have no ambitions to enter the realm of design blogging, but I thought that a wee little makeover that I did in one of my daughters' rooms this past weekend was really cute. See, both Madeline and Sadie's rooms have a wall that is completely full of built-ins – a wardrobe, a few cupboards and drawers, and this large space:


To me, it looks like that space was designed to contain a large screen television, but somehow it just seems improbable to me that a typical Vietnamese home would have large screen tvs in all of the bedrooms. Maybe I'm missing something? Anyway, these big brown spaces that really only held a clutter of toys kind of bothered me, being wasted, brown, and boring. But this weekend, I transformed Sadie's  big boring brown space thusly:



The photo may be too small to really see, but I stuck regular boring wooden clothes pegs (going for either a shabby-chic or minimalist look, depending on one's decorating sensibility) to the back of the big brown space using one of my favourite decorating aids, 3M Command Strips. And then I hung a small colourful quilt in the space, and now there is something pretty to look at there. Much better.

I could actually write a whole post on my love of the 3M Command products; I've relied on them profusely in my life overseas with it's concrete walls that I can't hammer a nail into. Why, this past weekend, I also used the velcro version of the Command Strips to put up a pair of pictures on the big brown doors to Sadie's wardrobe. Love them. 




4 thoughts on “faux-deedoh: what happens when i try to be creative

  1. When I lived in Asia, it wasn’t uncommon to see houses where they rolled up their bedding each day so the floor could be used for other things. Could that be the purpose?


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