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i have more fabric than sewing ability

Fabric Don't tell my toddler I said this, but I enjoy shopping a whole lot more if I leave her at home. 

Today, I found myself, without the toddler,  at the Tanh Dinh market (if I remember correctly) with a friend, on a mission to find fabric for a pair of holiday dresses for the girls. If I'd taken Sadie, she would have loved it. Imagine tidy stacked piles of cotton and synthetics, all folded, on both side of an aisle that was only wide enough for 1.5 people to comfortably pass each other. She could have made a big mess in record time with all of that merchandise within a single arm-span! I was really wishing that I'd brought my camera to take a photo, only to remember when I was back at home that I have a camera on my mobile phone. I never remember that when I need to! 

This was actually a pleasant market-shopping experience (those who know me are aware that I much prefer the air-conditioned mall shopping experience instead of the watch-out-for-thieves-and-get-ripped-off-by-vendors-experience). It's not touristy like the Ben Tranh market;  I went there once with Chris and  wasn't able to walk three feet without hearing yet another stall keeper shouting, "Madame, you need new shirt?" like the one that I had on was far too old or something!

We both bought more fabric than we'd planned to – she stocked up on floral Japanese cotton for blouses, and I even found a little something for myself – the geometric print in the photo in this post. I wasn't looking to buy anything for myself, but I really liked this design, so I am hoping that I can get a dress out of three metres.  Maybe this one, actually. For all of the fabric that was at the market, I didn't find anything "perfect" for the holiday dresses. Most of the fabric was lightweight and floral – perfect for this climate and the tastes of a lot of the Vietnamese women that I see out and about, but nothing that was suitable for a Christmas dress to be worn back in North America! I ended up choosing the brown knit with dots for the dresses. It's not a festive print, but I think that the design is stylish. The monkeys in toques and earmuffs was just another cute piece of cotton knit that I stumbled upon; I'm thinking pajamas for my own little monkeys. 


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