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old navy read my mind, obviously

So, remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about scoring some terrifically cute fabric with little monkeys frolicking in toques and earmuffs and mittens? And how it would make awesome pajamas for my kids? Well, apparently, I am not the only person who thought so. May I present Exhibit A:


I was at one of the Saigon Squares last week, and many of the stall were selling monkey-print pajamas. So, in addition to me, an executive at Old Navy/The Gap had the same idea! I picked up a pair in 3T because they were cheap and I'm lazy and would now not have to worry about not having enough fabric to cover both of my kids in monkey pajamas. 

I normally don't like shopping here much, but Saigon Square is growing on me. I'm not sure how it all gets there (cough, cough), but there is a lot of American-brand clothes for sale there, at a decent discount.  One of the long-sleeved tees that I bought for about $4.50 had a price tag from Kohl's still attached and it read $66. And probably most importantly: the vendors leave me alone to look without harassing me!

And before I log out: If anyone knows where to find child-sized fake Uggs in HCMC, give me a shout, okay?



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