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maybe the universe is telling me something

I was looking forward to Wednesday and spending the morning with Madeline (off for spring break) and her chemistry set, but Chris passed along some sad news this evening: the generator that powers our home when the electricity is out still hasn't been repaired, and there is another blackout scheduled Wednesday. 

We noticed that the generator was broken on Monday night, when it failed to hum into action at half past six in the evening and left us sweating in the dark until nearly nine at night. The cost estimate for the repair is apparently ten million Vietnamese dong, and the news that our Vietnamese landlords were not jumping on that estimate to start the repairs does not surprise me. I get the impression that they're "do the minimum" kind of people! When we called to let them know that the generator was broken in the first place, they actually said that it's our house, our problem. That was a rather ironic comment as five hours earlier,  I'd passed along a very thick envelope filled with one hundred dollar bills to pay our rent for the next three months; they seemed happy to be on the home-owner (and generator-owner) side of our relationship then! 

So, at the same time that I am wondering if the generator failure is an omen, we're also on snake alert! This little guy was found hanging around our garden on Sunday; the kids were entertained for at least a couple of hours, but I am wondering if he happened to have invited a few of his friends to come party with him in our yard!





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