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the suspect was last seen carrying a basket of colourful eggs

Easter Our little people woke up this morning and discovered that while they were sleeping, someone had trespassed onto our property and into our house! Home invasions are not uncommon in our part of Saigon, and foreigners are a popular target.

Thankfully, our perpetrator didn't take off with the Nintendo DS or my Macbook. Instead, he or she left a few dozen colourful plastic eggs and cheery buckets with lipsmackers and tiny bunny-and-egg-shaped cars for our much-relieved children!

There *are* a few things to do for Easter in Ho Chi Minh City. Like a lot of the other ex-pats here, we headed out for brunch at noon. We chose to go to the (crowded and loud, in all honesty) InterContinental as they had some activities for children, but it seemed like all of the large hotels had an Easter brunch going on today, as did some of the cafes in our neighbourhood. There were even some chocolate bunny sightings – Chris came home with (way too much) chocolate from Boniva Chocolate, and I'd noticed the gold-foil Lindt bunnies at a couple of the grocery shops. 

I have to laugh at myself because back when we were still living in Calgary,  I remember being shocked to learn that Chris's family often seemed to want to have their Christmas plans settled several months in advance. I wasn't inclined to think much about what I'd be doing at the end of December until after Thanksgiving in October! Things have changed a lot for us since we left Canada – Chris and I spent part of our time at the brunch table debating where we should go for Christmas 2011! And this has been an on-going conversation since February, probably 🙂


One thought on “the suspect was last seen carrying a basket of colourful eggs

  1. well, our snowy, comfy house is always here. Grandpa would probably love to see the kids open gifts on Christmas morning… I could make a roasted butter chicken, take the kids for snow angels… sledding, snowmen, timmy with antlers, watch the grinch, gingerbread house, and maybe Auntie to take home with you at the end for a week.


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