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and the big day is over

DSC04131 I'd be remiss if I didn't post a photo of Madeline's finished birthday cake pops! I was happy with them, for the most part. Substituting popsicle sticks for the lollipop sticks (which was the best I could find in Saigon) was not a problem at all. Using melted chocolate, thinned with a bit of shortening, worked fine as well, so I was not wishing that I could have bought Wilton's Candy Melts (like I could have – ha!) instead. One thing that I wish had gone better was that the pops were a bit more spherical. Once I'd dipped them, it was rather apparent that some of them looked kind of lumpy!

The biggest challenge I had was finding some way to hold them upright – I have no clue where I'd find a big block of styrofoam, so I ended up sticking the cake pops into a huge ball of playdough! Madeline's party guests were very amused!


UPDATE, July 8 – I was out shopping at Phuong Ha in D1 today, and cannot adequately express how shocked I was to see a few packages of Wilton's Candy Melts in their freezer, near the chocolate chips. I guess I spoke too soon the other day!





One thought on “and the big day is over

  1. Those look great!! You did an excellent job. I do love the looks of the pops but they’re a bit too rich for my taste. Probably better that way – won’t eat more than one. 😉 C


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