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my “glamorous” ex-pat life: laundry editition

Yesterday afternoon, I decided that if I wanted to have any shorts left to wear in my closet (it's frighteningly hot here right now – too hot for jeans!), I needed to do my laundry. So, I grabbed my laundry basket, and headed up the stairs. 

This is my laundry room:


It has a washing machine, a dryer, and that box in the top right corner is a wee little hot water heater that I had installed so that I could wash Sadie's cloth diapers somewhat hygenically.

You may have noticed that my laundry room is actually outside:


I mentioned that I had to climb some stairs with my basket of dirty shorts and stuff to reach my laundry room. That's because my laundry room is also on the roof, albeit a bit covered:

On the bright side, it's so very very hot up there that my clothes will line dry in a couple of hours.


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