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cupcakes for the other lazy people of saigon

This post is mainly a commercial plug for the adorable cupcakes that we ordered for Sadie's fourth birthday on Monday:

They're much too pink and purple for my taste, but Sadie had been talking about a "ballet cake" for a few months, so to her, they were perfect. 

I adore baking , but between trying to knit a lace scarf and having a splint on my thumb (bizarre idiotic accident with a broom and dustpan), my fingers were really too busy of late to try out gumpaste modelling. So, these lovely cupcakes are from a neighbourhood place – Bakery by Sweet & Sour. I think they might make the best cupcakes in town – real butter in the buttercream – so much tastier than the shortening that other Saigon cupcake places seem to use.

I think that Sadie would say that she had a good birthday – it's fall break at her preschool, so we were able to meet Chris downtown for lunch for hotdogs (well, she ordered a hotdog while we shared sandwiches), she wore a brand-new blue dress, and she really likes the Lite Sprite wand gizmo that we hauled back to Saigon from our summer holiday. 


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