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The other day, I went out with a friend of mine to check out what she described as a quilt shop in District 9. I was expecting to drive up to a storefront or even a hole-in-the-wall type of operation that dominates the street scene here, but it really looked like the address was a private home. Shopping in Saigon is frequently surprising in this way. 

Anyway, in the back of the house, there was something of a retail quilt operation. There were bags of sample designs along a back shelf, a stack of idea books, and a few sample quilts hanging on the walls. I sat down on a floral sofa and began to flip through the idea books, looking for something for each of our beds. Hand-quilted coverlets for our beds are something on my "list of things to buy before we leave Vietnam" list. (Ask any ex-pat you know – they probably have a "things to buy before leaving Country X" list). 

This shop was a little different than the other quilt shop that I've been to before – most of the idea books had designs for traditional Hawaiian patterns, which was kind of cool. I've never seen anything like it before – my quilt pattern knowledge is more of the log cabin/wedding ring/boring squares variety. It didn't actually take very long to pick out two designs for quilts for Madeline (turquoise appliques on white – something more mature for her) and Sadie (cheery and bright to match a small quilt my sister made her). If it all works out, they'll both be ready in time for Christmas, which would be at least six kinds of awesome (gift-shopping is kind of a challenge here).

The details:

TT Quilts 2

29 Trinh Hoai Duc

Phuong Hiep Phu,    Q9



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