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weekend update or something

Two rare things happened today! 1. We spent the better part of the day in downtown Saigon, doing the things that one does in downtown Saigon and 2. I actually had my camera with me instead of leaving it at home locked up in a very heavy safe for fear of someone swiping it out of my hands. 

The kids and a started out at the Vincom shopping centre. I was looking for fall/winter shoes and found cute pair of boots at Ecco, but the pair on the shelf were the last ones and the wrong size (or else the salesperson just wasn't interesting in checking the stock room). 

After our window-shopping was done, we met up with Chris at his office. His office is on the sixteenth floor of the office tower, and it's right across from the basilica, so I was happy to hang out amongst the cubicles for the photo-taking perspective. Chris doesn't actually have a view of Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, but he snuck me into the office of a co-worker who does. The basilica was a busy place today; there were a lot of tourists out and about because a Princess cruise ship was docked in town,  and we definitely noticed a larger police presence out on the streets. 


After lunch we wandered through the Ben Thanh market and the surrounding side-streets and were approached at least a dozen times by people wanting to sell us sunglasses. Sadie fell in love with a pair of Adidas sneakers from one of the counterfeit shoe shops, and I'm hoping that they turn out to be a good purchase (read: last through twelve days of an upcoming vacation) for the $17 that we paid for them.



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