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made in vietnam

I'm not sure what's gotten into me, but in the past few weeks, I've been doing much better at living in Saigon. Usually this time of year is terrifically frustrating with two birthdays to shop for, and Christmas coming up, and a very poor selection of goods at the toys stores unless one is looking for Barbies, Hot Wheels, or Lego. But it's been different here lately. Maybe I've been different. I'm still awfully excited about the new hand-stitched quilts for my kids. 

A pair of these are their other Christmas gift:

If they look familiar, it's probably because these doll bunkbeds are based on this Ana White plan. I didn't build the beds myself, as we haven't actually bought any 220V power tools since we moved to SE Asia. I know someone who knows someone who owns a power saw, and that's how I ended up with two sets of doll bunkbeds for a total of $65. I did convert all of the measurements into metric, so I did contribute something besides capital to this endeavor.

The neat thing about these gifts are going to be the off-shoot DIY projects. I'll have to sew mattresses and bedding for them, and I'm kind of tempted to recycle Madeline and Sadie's old crib sheets that I'm still hanging onto for sentimental reasons. And then I'll have to see what Saigon has to offer in terms of paint. The really poor quality paint on the walls of our rental house here has me worried that there isn't much selection, but maybe somewhere out there I'll find primer and some satin-finish latex interior. It's probably going to be an adventure to find out.



One thought on “made in vietnam

  1. I really want a doll clothes armoire for all of Annelise’s AG’s matching outfits. I found one at Target for $60; I want to DIY cheaper…but I don’t know if that’s really feasible? I’m inspired by your doll bunkbeds, though!!!


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