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nineteen more days …

A couple of updates in regard to the doll bunkbeds my kids will find under the tree at Christmas:

1. I've finished the mattresses. I was all set to travel an hour across the city, hopefully find the quilt inserts to use as mattress padding at Lena Faustina, and then travel an hour back across the city, but instead I just bought three thin quilts at Metro for 60,000 VND each and cut those up. Easy peasy. I love Metro as least as much as I loathe it. 

2. The bunkbeds have two coats of paint on them! Chris picked up a couple of one-litre cans of Dulux-brand latex for me over the weekend, and it's been working out well. I was pretty adament about using latex even though I'm applying it on wood because of the easy clean-up. No primer – Chris managed to find some (pleasant surprise), but it was RED! Just no. The paint is covering a lot better than I feared it would without the primer undercoat. I'm pretty confident that three coats will be fine in the end, so that's just another two hours of painting that I'll probably schedule for Monday morning. 


3. Paint brushes in Vietnam leave a lot to be desired. Apparently, synthetic fibre ones don't exist. I was told that the one on the left is rabbit fur (grr – PETA isn't going to like shopping for painting equipment in Vietnam) and I'm not sure what the one on the right is made from but my guess is straw. These paint brushes makes me feel nostalgic about the time I painted window casings on our house in Calgary, which is something I never thought I'd feel. 




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