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the one about the dishes

Photo-5Today, we loaded ourselves into our trusty Kia minivan and drove to the Minh Long porcelain factory/showroom/outlet in District 9. It was only about one hour away, but with Madeline in the car with us complaining about having to take a drive longer than her school commute of ten minutes, it kind of felt like four or five hours. Our mission at Minh Long was to cross another item off of our Stuff to Buy Before We Move List – new "everyday" dishes. It probably seems excessive to have porcelain for regular use, but here in Saigon, a porcelain soup bowl is about $1.50 while one from Corelle is $10. The math seems self-explanatory, right?

The actual purchasing of our new dishes doesn't make a very exciting story, but there were a couple of crazy things that happened. Chris took the kids to the cafe on-site for ice cream while I lurked around the showrooms free of tiny grabby hands. I joined them in time to see the kids each presented with large colourful sundaes. We amused ourselves for awhile with trying to guess the flavours – Sadie's had a purple scoop that I think was purple yam, and one that was definitely durian. Chris quit sneaking spoonfuls as soon as he realized that that the white scoop was durian and not vanilla or coconut, but we both were rather amused to see that Sadie thought that her "exotic" ice cream was just grand, regardless, and she kept working at it until it was entirely gone. Madeline barely touched her dish.

The other crazy thing was when we were in the parking lot, filling up the back of the minivan with the boxes of tableware. When we took Sadie over to the teapot-fountain to take a quick photo, the excited paparazzi swarmed our little girl, and I really couldn't get a good shot of her because of the crowd.  


Sadie wasn't really amused.


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