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so many words, so little time (and stuff)

I'm thinking that this blog is heading towards closure. I haven't had much content or interest in a long time; my kids are getting older, becoming their own people, and deserve privacy, and life overseas is taking me by surprise less all the time. 

I've got bigger things to devote my time to, like preparing the inventory for our air and sea shipments. I probably should have started that already, to be honest! I've managed to get my annual photobook project finished and uploaded for printing, but that's only one item crossed over the list. We don't exactly know what Chris's start date for his new job is, and we also don't even know what our post-move address is going to be. There's just lots of stuff that I need to be doing away from sitting in front of a computer. 

And if I was to write more? It would probably be all bitter and angry words on topics such as how insanely hot it is here, how there aren't many houses for sale that would work for us, how darn powerless I feel in this whole process because I have, like, zero agency to decide anything in this relocation. 

I do have a good rant about Madeline's school saved up inside me, so I might post that when the school year is over 🙂



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