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hello. or howdy.

So, some updates!

About two weeks ago, the relocation company found an apartment for us in downtown Calgary. We imagined walking to the big library, walking to Prince's Island Park, taking the train to Sunnyside to buy groceries or to the zoo. I love urban apartment living, so I was quite happy with this development. So was Chris – he could walk to the office.

And then our relocation contact guy failed to finalize the apartment, and stopped communicating with us for a week. This was a very fraught week – honestly, our pack-out in Saigon was starting, we were landing in Calgary very shortly. 

Then the HR department intervened, and another two bedroom place in downtown Calgary was sourced for us, and all was good again. Asian Tigers came and packed up all of our heavy furniture, artwork, and kitchen gear. Madeline and Sadie had their final days of school. We flew to Calgary via Tokyo. 

And there was some rain, and the Bow and Elbow Rivers overflowed and flooded a lot of places, and the apartment that we were supposed to move into yesterday was in an evacuation zone. Chris spent part of our layover in Narita booking us a suite at the Holiday Inn, so there's where we are now.

I'm not sure that we could have picked a less ideal weekend to land in Calgary, but it's not as bad as the media reports kind of make it seem. The drinking water is fine, the vast majority of the city isn't under water, and you can get across the river, albeit slowly and with some detours. 

We're really hoping that Chris's office re-opens by Wednesday and we'll be able to move into our new apartment then!



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