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read the words of others, not mine

On average, my husband comments that I don't blog much anymore about two times a month. It's true. I blog more when I'm in a good headspace, and after a move isn't one of those "good headspace" situations. I also blogged more when my kids were younger; they are older and the internet is older and they are able to tell their own stories – if they choose to. Very often I'll get an idea for a piece to write, and then get completely caught up in analyzing the grey area around it. 

I do read a a lot online. Less blogs, more journals and the like. Less articles about being the parent of young children and more articles about being a girl (who will grow up to be an adult women) in the world, because my kids are girls. I hate the thought that girls have to fight for their education, fight for autonomy over their own bodies, and fight not to have their classmates ruin them over the internet. It's usually not positive or light-hearted reading, but it's absorbing

This week's find is On Labeling Women 'Crazy' by Harris O'Malley, posted in the HuffPo. The best section is the one explaining how men use the phrase "you're over-reacting" to shut down females because discussion isn't convienent to their goals

Sometimes it's good to find evidence that the thoughts in my head aren't, well, crazy.


One thought on “read the words of others, not mine

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