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seeing is believing

Once again, it was pointed out to me that I don't blog much anymore (reading this post might be helpful). I do probably have a dozen posts in my drafts folder that I either didn't finish up or else decided were too grumpy and negative to actually publish. Turns out that I'm one of those people for whom writing things down helps.

In lieu of a (probably cranky) post, here's some that I either did, researched, or liked recently:

  • I made baked oatmeal again, after a hiatus of about five years. I've never been able to deal with the texture of hot cereal, but this is a way that I can stomach something for breakfast that isn't processed or requires a lot of cooking and prep work. My recipe is a lot plainer than the Google search results for baked oatmeal – it doesn't need to be loaded up with sugar and sugar-like things.
  • I am secure enough that actual winter is over in Calgary, so I'm going to say that I achieved my goal to not ever complain about the cold weather, lest I be subjected to various "I-told-you-so" comments about my loathing of 365 days of brutal summer in SE Asia. I complained about having clean off our car and be the designated snow-shoveler in our house, but never specifically about the ridiculous sub-freezing temperaturs. I like wearing sweaters, anyways. 
  • I watched a really compelling re-run of The Fifth Estate and proceeded to hope that my kids stay kids for as long as they can. 
  • My favourite new blog is Disrupting Dinner Parties (spoiler warning – it's not about food). It's a recent discovery and this very smart post about modeling consent for children was what drew me in. I don't care if people hate dealing with assertive women. I care about being taken advantage of and hate that that behaviour is enabled. The notion of "nice" does a disservice to both women and men. 
  • I was cheered to learn that some varieties of hydrangea (one of fave flowers) can grow successfully here in Calgary, and so embarked on a research spree. I think I know where I'm going to plant a couple of bushes. First I have to want for the ground to thaw and figure out where to buy them.

So, there we go. An actual post.


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