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project: the elsa dress

Yesterday, I spent a few minutes wondering if I was living in an alternative reality because I was watching the national news on CBC and they ran a feature on the lack of Frozen-related merchandise at Disney Stores. I didn't realize that this was a crisis of national importance on par with Senate reform and the temporary foreign worker program, but now that I think of it, this story was one that I can relate to a little. 

I have a five year old. She very much asserts that her dress-up costume collection is lacking something from the "Ice Movie" and when I start talking about the beautiful colours and embroidery on Princess Anna's outfit, she gets online and show me exactly what slinky and glittery gown she's talking about.

Additionally, this five year-old's dad is a supporter of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and they're hosting a father/daughter princess ball fundraising event in about a month. The five year-old needs something to wear. 

So, I'm going to try to make something. People do this everyday. Google "Elsa cosplay" or search on Pinterest. I haven't checked textile availability at Fabricland yet, but my basic plan is to make Sadie a tulle skirt (probably from this tutorial – it includes a lining), knit a bodice (because I like knitting more than sewing), and procure a long-sleeved bodysuit to attach it to. I'll let everyone know how it goes 🙂


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