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status update: the elsa dress

Status as of Today:

  • sewing machine unpacked and ready – not at all!
  • serger unpacked and ready – yes!
  • skirt pattern ready
  • bodice pattern – to do later
  • tulle for the skirt purchased (and hurrah – it's 60" wide), will be cut later today
  • skirt lining fabric purchased, cut, and seamed together 
  • bodice fabric – purchased, awaiting pattern
  • cape fabric – ordered today
  • leotard – currently in transit
  • elastic for skirt is purchased
  • snowflake embellishments have been ordered

I'm somewhat disturbed by my experience shopping for some of the items that I need for this project.

The online store for Discount Dance Supply came highly recommended by a couple of my friends who have kids in tap and ballet, and they did have good pricing on long-sleeved light blue leotards. Except their shipping fees to Canada start around $30. Ugh. I found an online store in Canada that had fairly competitive pricing on leotards and I'd picked out one to order, but then I discovered that there's an actual dance supply shop about ten minutes away (who knew!), so I took Sadie over there in the hopes of seeing the colours in real life and getting a better fit. Only, the guy working the floor at The Masque kind of laughed at me when I asked for assistance with a light blue long-sleeved leotard. They only had short sleeved versions. The colour was a little darker than I was hoping for, as well. The only upside to the visit to the dance shop was that they had a very nearly perfect fabric for the bodice of the dress, so I bought a metre to work with in lieu of knitting the bodice (though I still think that mixing textures like that would have been really cool). Fourteen dollars a metre. Done. I ended up ordering a light blue long-sleeved Capezio leotard from, of all places. It was much less than the Canadian online shop – about fifteen dollars for the leotard and eight dollars for shipping.

I ended up ordering a glittery organza for the cape from the US, too. Joann Fabrics just had so many more options than I found at the local fabric stores and the online Canadian retailers, too. Maybe they were just out-of-stock, but the whole trying to shop domestically just left me discouraged again! 



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